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Establish Your Business in DMCC with NEX SWITCH

DMCC, in Dubai, is one of the largest places for business and trade. It started in 2002. It has everything that companies need to grow. For example, help with money matters, learning about markets, and meeting other businesses.

Over time, the Dubai multi commodities center has become popular. More than 15K+ businesses from all over the world now call it their home. What about new places? For new businesses, whether they are small or medium-sized, this place is perfect for anyone. But how can you establish your business in DMCC? That's where Nexswitch comes in.

We help businesses start their online presence and succeed in DMCC. Our team knows what you need to do well in this industry. We not only provide personalized services but also make sure that your company starts strong and keeps growing.

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What are the main benefits of setting up in DMCC?

Setting up your business in DMCC comes with great benefits. One of the biggest is that you can fully own your business, even if you're from another country. Plus, you won't have to pay corporate or personal income tax for 50 years after you start your business in DMCC.
Other important perks include:

  • You can take all your business profits and capital out of DMCC without any issues.
  • The process of registering your business is quick and easy.
  • You'll get help with visas, work permits, and other issues related to immigration.
  • DMCC is in a central location with easy travel options and lots of places to stay.
  • There are many options for business and office areas. These include equipped workplaces, meeting rooms, and spaces for workshops.
  • You can buy or rent commercial properties at good prices.
  • You won’t have to pay taxes on importing or exporting goods.

Cost of Establishing a Business in DMCC

The total cost to start a company in DMCC varies based on several things. For example, it depends on how many visas your team needs and the office space you choose.

At NESXWITCH, we offer a business package starting at AED 23,000. This package includes:

  • Your business license and office space.
  • The freedom to do business within DMCC.
  • A team is dedicated to managing your account.
  • An easy payment plan with no interest, where you can pay AED 3,250 per month. This is available with RAKBANK, Dubai Islamic Bank, Mashreq, and Emirates NBD.
  • We also accept cryptocurrency payments.

NEXSWITCH provides a cost calculator. It helps understand the cost of setting up your business in DMCC. Use it now to get an estimate for your business setup in the DMCC Free Zone.

What types of business licenses are available in DMCC?

In DMCC, you can choose from three main types of business licenses. The type depends on what your business does.

Trading License
Perfect for businesses that deal with buying, selling, importing, and exporting goods. If you're in the trade industry, this is for you.

Industrial License
This one's for companies that make things. If your business turns raw materials into finished products, you need this license.

Service License
If your company provides services, like teaching, medical care, beauty treatments, or financial advice, then you should get this license.

Each license is tailored to fit different business activities in DMCC. This ensures that you have the right legal backing for your specific business type. It also ensures that you have the right support.

Services Presented by NEXSWITCH

NEXSWITCH specializes in making business easier for you in DMCC. Here’s what we offer:

Business Setup
We guide you through every step of starting your business at DMCC. From choosing the right license to handling paperwork, we’ve got it covered.

Visa AssistanceNeed visas for your team?
We help you and your workers get the visas they need without any stress. We make the process easy.

Legal and financial advice
Our legal team and advisors are here to give you the best legal and financial help so your business stays on track.

Office Solutions
Looking for the perfect office space? We help you find and set up your ideal office in DMCC, suited to your business needs.

Networking Opportunities
We connect you with the right people and opportunities at DMCC. This helps your business grow and succeed.

At NexSWITCH, we're dedicated to providing you with services that are not only outstanding but also easy to use. To make your time at DMCC as easy as possible, we know how complicated work can be.

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