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Start your business in Meydan free zone with Nexwitch

Dubai is a great place for starting or growing your business, especially in the Meydan Free Zone. If you're thinking about setting up your company here, this might be the perfect place for you. But now a question arises: How can we help you?

Let us explain it to you! At Nexswitch, we're all about making your business dreams come true in Meydan, Dubai. We provide services that help simplify your business journey and lead you to success. It doesn't matter whether you need help with paperwork. or looking for expert advice?

Our team of experts is ready to help you with everything you need. Let’s work together and take your business to new heights!

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What is the Meydan Free Zone?

The Meydan Free Zone in Dubai is a great place for business and new ideas. It's a special area that offers lots of benefits for companies. Setting up your business here is easy, and it's in a great location. Plus, there are financial perks, like no personal income tax.

But the Meydan Free Zone is more than a place to work. It's an energetic area where you can live, work, and have fun all in one place. Now a question aries,
What benefits will you gain if you establish a business here?

Advantages of Setting Up Your Company Here

Starting a business in Dubai with a Meydan Free Zone license is a smart move, and here's why. It is in the middle of the city's most important business area. This makes it an excellent location for your business.

Now, let's talk about what makes setting up in the Meydan Free Zone with Nexswitch so special:

Prime Location
Meydan Free Zone is in a top location in Dubai; it's just 8 minutes from Downtown.

Easy to Start
With NEXSWITCH, obtaining your Meydan free zone license is simple. Setting up your business is also simple. We offer a smooth registration process and lots of support. You can do everything online with our award-winning digital platform.

Live and Work
Meydan isn't just for work. It's a mixed-use area with shops, activities, and places to live with your family. You can enjoy life and grow your business here.
But what about the cost? Listen, everyone. It's very important to calculate a cost before starting a company.

Meydan Free Zone Company Setup Cost

As we discussed previously, your business in the Meydan Free Zone comes with many benefits. You can choose from flexible packages starting at AED 12,500. Plus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai will officially recognize your business.

But now a main question arises: How do you figure out the costs for your unique business? That's where Nexswitch comes in—your handy tool.

Our Nexswitch cost calculator is like a financial expert just for you. It looks at what you need and gives you a customized breakdown. This way, you have all the control. I hope it's clear!

Our Services At NEXSWITCH

At NEXSWITCH, we specialize in helping entrepreneurs establish their presence in the Meydan Free Zone. Our services include:

Business Setup and Licensing:
We simplify company registration and obtain a Meydan Free Zone license.

Visa Assistance
We provide comprehensive support in securing residency and investor visas for you, as well as your dependents.

Banking Solutions
We assist with setting up a UAE business bank account. We collaborate with our partner banks.

Personalized Consultation
We offer personalized guidance to ensure your business activities follow UAE regulations.

Why Choose Us for Your Business in the Meydan Free Zone?

At NEXSWITCH, we're not just experts on the Meydan Free Zone. We're also dedicated to understanding and supporting your business vision. Here's how we stand out:

Easy Setup
Our website makes starting your business easy and without complications.

Expert Advice
We offer guidance based on our deep understanding of local business laws and practices.

Customized Services
Whether you're just beginning or expanding your business, our services are customized to meet your specific needs.

Ongoing Support
From getting your business license to handling visa applications, our team is always available to assist you at every step.

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