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Company Incorporation in Dubai: Trademark Registration Services

Trademark Registration Services - Incorporate your company in Dubai with ease. Our experts provide comprehensive support for business setup, registration and growth.

Trademark Registration in UAE

Trademark registration is one of the most effective and crucial processes developed for business owners to safeguard the uniqueness of commercial goods. According to UAE Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trademarks, a trademark can be any distinctive form of symbols, words, logos, signs, names, labels, drawings, pictures, titles, hallmarks, seals, patterns, announcements, packs, or any other markings or collection of marks. Trademarks are registered to distinguish products, services, or brands for a particular firm or brand owner, either an individual or an organization. Businesses file trademark applications to imply a relationship between certain commodities, services, or products and the trademark owners. Businesses may profit from the goodwill and reputation that their brands have developed in the marketplace by maintaining the quality of their products.

Trademark Registration Requirements in the UAE

Following documents are required to file the application of trademark registration in the UAE:

  • For Individual Applicant
    1. Trademark in PDF file
    2. Scanned Passport copy
    3. Complete home address
    4. Power of Attorney (Notarized by the Notary Public & legalized by the UAE)
  • For Company/Business
    1. Trademark in PDF file
    2. Scanned copy of Trade License
    3. Scanned Passport copy of Authorised Signatory
    4. Power of Attorney (Notarized by the Notary Public & legalized by the UAE)
  • For Foreign Company
    1. Trademark in PDF file
    2. Scanned copy of the certificate of incorporation
    3. Scanned Passport copy of Authorised Signatory
    4. Power of Attorney (Notarized by the Notary Public & legalized by the UAE

Process of Filing an Application for Trademark Registration in the UAE

  1. Trademark Search
    Trademark search in the UAE is not a mandatory requirement but highly advisable to check before filing the application for the prior identical or similar application/registration.
  2. Filing of a Trademark Application
    After completing the trademark search, trademark agents file the application of registering a trademark with Trademark office
    (Note: Foreign companies/individual cannot file a trademark application without approved trademark agents in UAE)
  3. Application Examination
    After receiving the files, registrar examine the application pursuant to the UAE trademark law
  4. Issuance of Acceptance or Rejection Order
    In accordance with the law, registrar issue acceptance or rejection order against a trademark application
  5. Publication of Trademark in Local Newspapers
    In case of acceptance, the trademark is published into two local Arabic newspaper within 30 days count from acceptance letter. Official fees of publication of trademark into official gazette are also required to be paid at the same time
    Note: Official gazette in UAE published every last day of the month.
  6. Opposition Period
    The opposition period is for 30 days, legally opposition period will be started after the publishing of trademark into the official gazette.
  7. Time Frame for Final Registration Fees
    In case of no opposition from any other person or entity on the trademark within the legal time period, trademark application becomes matured for final registration fees, automatically. Trademark office does not issue any special notification for the payment of final registration fees. The deadline to pay the final registration fees count from the date of last day of the opposition period. Deadline is 30 day
  8. Registration Certificate
    Trademark office issue the registration certificate at the same of paying the final registration fees. Trademark registration certificate is valid for 10 years count from the date of filing the application.
    Note: UAE trademark office no longer issue a trademark registration certificate in hard copy, trademark owners are provided with softcopy of the certificate that is valid across all the government departments in the UAE.

What Cannot Be Registered as a Trademark in the UAE?

Following are the type of possessions that the authorities in the UAE prohibit from registering as trademarks:

  • Descriptive Marks or marks that are not distinctive
  • Any mark that is against public morals or public order
  • Flags that bear similarities to flags of any country, international organizations, governments
  • Emblems and logos of a similar nature
  • Logos of the Red Cross or the Red Crescent or any other imitation of such similar organizations
  • Marks that look similar to symbols having a purely religious character
  • Use of Geographic names that may cause misunderstanding as to the origin of a product or service
  • National Medals, International Medals, Banknotes, coins
  • A translated version of a well-known mark or an already registered trademark if such it confuses the consumers

Why choose Nexswitch Corporates for trademark registration services

Nexswitch Corporates is one of the leading business setup consultancy firms in the UAE. Our team of highly experienced trademark consultants can assist you through all the trademark registration process stages in Dubai. This includes:

  • Trademark registration search report, trademark selection, and retention
  • Assistance in finding relevant trademark classes based on the type of business
  • Filing application for recording a registered trademark with UAE customs
  • Filing application for trademark protection with the UAE Ministry of Economy
  • Registering product/s with municipality bodies in Dubai/UAE
  • Filing for actions against fake goods
  • Amending registered trademarks
  • Renewing of a registered trademark
  • Recording of change of assignment or change of ownership

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