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Corporate pro services company in Dubai

Corporate Pro Services - Start your business in Dubai and UAE with ease. Our team provides expert support for company formation, registration and growth in the region.

Corporate PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Great things in business are never done by one person. A flourishing business is the contribution of many hands’ expert at their skills and best PRO services in Dubai is one of them.

At Nexswitch corporates, customer service isn’t a department, it is the entire company and our Corporate PRO Services in Dubai, UAE forms the backbone for many start-ups and entrepreneurs. At Nexswitch Corporate you will meet a well-matched team to carry out your documentation and other legal nitty-gritties in accordance with the Department of Economic Development (DED), the Ministry of Labour, the UAE Immigration, and other public departments. The corporate milieu of every country calls for a different know-how and it is best to acquire professional help who know the business and its laws. A reliable PRO service reduces the risk of unnecessary setbacks and fines, saves time and create a fertile ground for strengthening your core competences and stimulates quicker growth.

Dubai is one of the most profitable and investor-friendly destinations in the Middle East to set up a business. However, for starters, Dubai can be one of the few places on Earth were starting a business can be highly inconvenient because of improper legal documentation and paperwork. The easiest way to eliminate this inconvenience from the process of starting a business is to utilize Corporate PRO Services in Dubai.

You need someone to take the burden from your shoulders for the processes of company registration in UAE, visa approvals, and other government-related tasks. Your mind and efforts are required for other important tasks that need your utmost attention. Let a credible corporate PRO company in Dubai take care of your tedious tasks.

Our PRO team has a stronghold in government departments across UAE enabling you to effortlessly meet your daily operational formalities.

Advantages of Outsourcing PRO Services

Business owners or investors that are looking to set up a new business in Dubai can be unaware of the legal procedure which includes all the necessary paperwork and documentations. A lot of time is wasted in keeping proper records, following up on renewals and expiry dates, updating the rules of the Labor, Immigration, and whatnot. But this is where the professional PRO services come in handy.

Outsourcing PRO Services in Dubai saves you plenty of time. People do believe that is not that hard to get things done but there is a difference between getting things done and getting things done legally. There’s the aspect of administration permission, leasing with government officials, consultation periods, and legal lawyers where things can go wrong very easily. PRO Services Company in Dubai will provide you with PRO Visa Services, PRO Services for Family Visa in Dubai, and a complete list of PRO Services in UAE.

Outsourcing PRO Services in Dubai can cover the back and forth on a wide range of issues for you. Additionally, Corporate PRO Services will keep you informed on any changes to the law or any alterations in your responsibilities as delegated by the government.

Our list of Corporate PRO services include:

  • Processing documents in the Department of Economic development, Immigration, Labour, and other government departments.
  • Processing Company Immigration Card and Labour Card
  • Processing new employment visa and its renewal for employees
  • Attesting MOA, Local service agent agreement, legal documents through a public notary
  • Intellectual property registration for patent, copyright, and trademark registration
  • Filing for government approvals and obtaining No-Objection Certificates (NOC) from government ministries
  • Translating legal documentation to Arabic
  • Applying for an industrial or commercial license, and filing for its renewal

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