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Offshore Bank Account Services in Dubai & UAE

Easily set up a offshore bank account for a new business in Dubai & UAE with expert assistance. Our team provides comprehensive support for company formation and growth.

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    Operating a business in Dubai but couldn’t get a corporate account for your company transactions? Don’t worry, the offshore bank account services by Nexswitch Corporate Services is one that will have all your concerns covered. An offshore bank account is one where the account is in a country different from the one where your business is situated.
    An important thing to note here is that even though the location of the business and the account aren’t the same, yet the facilities provided are the same. Offshore bank accounts provide the same level of accessibility and features.

Open your bank account in Dubai with Nexswitch Corporate Services

A resident or someone from outside the country? An individual or a company owner, Link Up Corporate Services has a range of banking services designed to meet all your needs. We make sure that you open an account without any delay.

Additionally, we have a customer support team that caters to your requirements and doubts throughout the day. You can connect with us to clarify your concerns.

Wondering why to connect with us?

  • Keep all your data confidential. Adhere to privacy policies.
  • Educate you on all the prerequisites to open a bank account in Dubai.
  • A talented pool of experts that work day in and out to help you with your requirements.
  • 24/7 support and assistance team.
  • Attend a banking interview on your behalf.

Still not sure if we are the right fit? Get in touch with us and our consultant team to understand our working process, learn about the procedure, and then decide if Nexswitch Corporate Services is the one for all your needs.

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