Companies In Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone: Why Invest In Rakez?

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December 28, 2023

Rakez free zone

Companies get a lot of help there, like good construction, easy-to-follow rules, and different types of business licenses. Actually, there are good connections between Ras Al Khaimah and places in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Central Asia, and Europe.


Free zones, like RAKEZ, are special places where businesses can run with less regulation. Anyway, RAKEZ has two kinds of business licenses. It includes a short description of the business operations and a list of companies in RAKEZ.

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Why Invest in RAKEZ?

Some businesses get a lot of benefits from investing in RAKEZ. This gives them freedom because they can work as either a non-free zone or a free zone operation. This process for starting a business works quickly and well, making it perfect for companies that want to grow quickly. It is in a great spot that makes RAKEZ ideal for companies that do business around the world. In order to make routine chores easier, it is a one-stop shop for all government services.

An online platform called platform 360 lets clients do things on their own, which makes things even easier. Getting to work is easy because it's close to big roads. Its proximity to RAK International Airport and other emirates also eases commuting. Businesses have the liberty to alter or construct their facilities according to their specific needs, and on-site labor accommodation is available. There's also the option to lease land for building worker or officer accommodations.

In Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, many companies provide housing for their staff. Rental flats in Al Seer and rental villas in Al Hamra, just a 15-minute drive away, are good options for those working in RAKEZ companies.

Setting Up a Business in RAKEZ

Setting up a business in RAKEZ involves a simplified three-step process. Initially, you consult with business setup experts. Then you choose the right type of business organization, location, and license for your company. Lastly, you fill out the application and make sure it meets all the standards. The experts at RAKEZ can help you make sure that your business meets the standards and requirements set by the government.. These include Civil Defense, Immigration, the Department of Economic Development, and Customs Department. There are others. After fulfilling all criteria, you receive your license, registration documents, bank letters, and can start the visa application process.

Industry Portfolio

RAKEZ is diverse, hosting companies from over 50 industries. Key industries include Automotive and Parts, Glass and Ceramic Products, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics and Rubber, Industrial Machine, Cement and Cement Products, Paper and Paper Products, Packing & Packaging, Chemical Products, Precious Stones, Electrical Equipment Appliances, Robotics, Food, Wood & Furniture.

Top Companies in RAKEZ

Over 15,000 companies operate in RAKEZ, including:

  • Al Nuaimi Group
  • Arc
  • Coca Cola
  • Emirates Snack Foods
  • Gates
  • Ahmed Tea
  • Ashok Leyland
  • Continental Oils & Lubricants
  • Flexitallic
  • HRC
  • Almarai
  • Badeal
  • Erith Group
  • Dabur
  • Fala Group
  • Falcon
  • Freij Entertainment
  • Filatech Industries
  • Ahmad Tea
  • IAG
  • Alicafe
  • CEEM
  • E & I Engineering Group
  • Guardian
  • Italfood
  • Julphar Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Nice touch
  • Polyinds
  • SHC
  • Thomas & McQuaid
  • Kersten Middle East
  • Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armouring
  • ORF
  • RAK Ceramics
  • Spatial
  • Kirby Building Systems
  • MESC
  • Pioneer
  • RAK Precast
  • SPT
  • UGT
  • Minotti
  • Pioneer Cement Industries
  • Saver Glass
  • Sparklo
  • Swedinox
  • Streit Group


RAKEZ is divided into six zones, each focusing on specific business needs. The Al Ghail Industrial Zone caters to large-scale industrial manufacturing, offering options to set up as a free zone or non-free zone entity. It is close to Dubai and Sharjah, which is useful, and it gives visas and housing for workers.In the Al Hamra Industrial Zone, which is close to the city, the airport, and Dubai, businesses can customize their facilities and build housing for their workers.

For professional growth, the RAKEZ Academic Zone is home to educational institutions and top universities' sites.Heavy-duty manufacturing is most common in the Al Hulaila Industrial Zone, which has flexible building options and is close to Saqr Port, which is one of the biggest ports in the MENA area.For startups and small businesses, the Al Nakheel Business Zone offers high-speed internet, advanced telecom services, protection, and a variety of workspaces.Furthermore, the Al Hamra Business Zone lets businesses set up shop outside of the main city. It has convenient access to transportation hubs, shopping areas, recreation areas, and residential areas, and it provides both shared and private office spaces.

Final Thoughts

Businesses that want to grow should put their money into RAKEZ. RAKEZ's location gives businesses an edge over their competitors by connecting them to key global areas. Being able to work as either a free or non-free zone and having an easy way to set up a business make it appealing for fast growth. With its flexible spaces and support services, RAKEZ works with a lot of different types of businesses. RAKEZ is a great place for companies that want to grow and succeed internationally because it makes it easy to do business by offering government services and building choices.

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