How to Start a Car Rental Business in Dubai, UAE

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October 20, 2023

Car rental

Starting a car rental business in Dubai, UAE, involves several documents and permits to ensure that your business operates legally and smoothly.

A car rental business, also known as a car hire agency, is a service that provides customers with the opportunity to rent automobiles for a specified period. Typically, this period ranges from a few hours to several weeks, depending on the rental company’s policies. Car rental companies often have multiple local branches to facilitate vehicle returns at various locations.

The core objective of a car rental business is to offer convenient and flexible transportation solutions to a wide range of customers. This includes students, employees, families, and groups of friends who may not have access to a personal vehicle or choose not to own one due to various reasons.


Starting a car rental business in Dubai offers several advantages:

  1. High Demand
    The demand for car rentals in Dubai remains consistently high. Customers often need to book vehicles in advance due to this high demand.
  2. Profitability
    Car rental businesses in Dubai can be highly profitable due to the constant influx of tourists and a growing local population.
  3. Steady Growth
    Dubai’s expanding economy and tourism industry ensure that the car rental business will remain relevant and profitable.
  4. Affordability
    Car rentals are a preferred choice for many residents and visitors due to their affordability compared to services like or Careem.

Cost to Start a Car Rental Business

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The cost of establishing a car rental business in Dubai varies based on the scale and nature of the enterprise. The cost includes business registration, legal approvals, office rent, operational expenses, and working capital. Both Dubai Mainland and free zones offer specific advantages, and you can choose the most suitable option based on your business’s goals and scope.

Steps to Start a Car Rental Business

Here are the essential steps to initiate a car rental business in Dubai:

  1. Location Selection
    Choose a suitable location for your car rental business. Consider proximity to developed areas and transportation hubs like airports or train stations.
  2. Fleet Selection
    Determine the types of vehicles you want to include in your fleet, considering your target clientele. opt for luxury cars for tourists and standard, affordable vehicles for local customers.
  3. Business Activities Planning
    Clearly outline your business activities to ensure compliance with the regulations set by the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  4. License Application
    Apply for a Professional license to operate a car rental company in Dubai. Prepare the necessary documents, including passport copies of owners and co-owners, a completed application form, passport-sized photos, consent from the Road Traffic Authority (RTA), and a lease agreement.
  5. Marketing Strategy
    Develop an effective marketing strategy to create awareness about your rental business. Highlight the key features of your services and consider offering initial discounts to attract customers.

Starting a car rental business in Dubai is a promising venture with significant potential for success, especially if you capitalize on the region’s robust tourism and growing local population. To guarantee this, it’s highly advisable to collaborate with a business setup expert when founding a new company in the UAE. In addition to managing your license application, we can provide guidance on initiating corporate bank accounts and recommend the most suitable financial institution tailored to your precise requirements.

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