Business Setup in DUQE Free Zone

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October 3, 2023

Business setup

The first and only floating hotel in Dubai Emirate is Queen Elizabeth 2, where the DUQE Free Zone is located. Investors can start their businesses in Dubai with ease by forming a company in the DUQE Free Zone.

A variety of cutting-edge business support options will be available to entrepreneurs in the Free Zone. A ideal ecosystem for business growth is provided by DUQE, which is a subsidiary of the Port Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC).

In order to help investors scale up their firms smoothly and develop a specialized business community, the new Free Zone Community was created. The DUQE Free Zone has a long list of economic advantages to offer enterprises.

Therefore, among business owners who are keen to launch a new company in Dubai, company formation in the DUQE Free Zone is highly sought after. For business owners looking to conveniently launch their ventures immediately, the Free Zone offers all-inclusive Company Packages.

The Free Zone offers comprehensive assistance to business owners, from the first stages of company formation to operations and VAT registration. When compared to the price of business licenses in Dubai’s Free Zones, company incorporation in DUQE is one of the most affordable options.

The Free Zone provides a wide array of premium services to investors, including help with setting bank accounts, accounting, health insurance, medical fitness checks, Emirates ID, and business center solutions.

DUQE Free Trade Zone Advantages

100% business ownership and capital repatriation
You are granted full ownership of your business as an expat, and you are permitted to remit all of your profits back home.

Quick and simple process
Setting up your business is simple and straightforward with DUQE. Additionally, you receive assistance throughout setup and beyond.

Step-by-step support
Numerous help services are available through DUQE, such as assistance with obtaining an Emirates ID and processing visas, as well as business center services.

Your Support from a team on site
For all of your needs as a business owner, DUQE has a team of professionals on hand and ready to help.

Licensing Options
At DUQE, you can access thousands of business activities and enjoy the freedom to scale your company as it expands.

Networking possibilities
Expand your business network by being a part of the vibrant community of innovators and entrepreneurs at DUQE.

Popular Business Activities

  • Advertising
  • Commercial Brokerage
  • Consultancy Services
  • Event Organizers
  • Finance
  • General Trading
  • Investment
  • IT Support
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Real Estate

Documents required

  1. A detailed description of the company’s operations.
  2. A summary of the DUQE project’s establishment.
  3. Obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for any shareholder living in the UAE.
  4. Providing copies of passports for shareholders, managers, and secretaries.

Steps for Starting a Business in DUQE Free Zone

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Hidden Subtitle for Accessibility

Investors who wish to establish a company in Dubai’s DUQE Free Zone must adhere to specific procedures. These procedures are designed to ensure a smooth and efficient business setup process. In the DUQE Free Zone, forming a company is a simple process with only a few steps to complete.

  1. Selecting a business activity
    From the list of various business activities in the DUQE Free Trade Zone, the business must select the one that is best for it. The chosen activities will be listed on the trade license; therefore, the investor must carefully select those that they will engage in.
  2. Trade Name Reservation
    Choose three trade names, then go through the process of getting one trade name authorized by the authorities. Pick a name that is impartial and follows the name conventions. Once the name has been approved, the shareholder forms should be submitted for initial approval.
  3. File submission and initial approval
    Provide the DUQE authorities with the shareholder’s photo, a copy of their passport, their trade name, their business activity, etc. Obtain the initial permission for the business license before moving forward to rent an office space, if required.
  4. Office Space and Tenancy Contract
    Depending on the type of business you are engaged in, choose the appropriate office space. In the DUQE Free Zone, where there is no requirement for possessing a physical office for company registration, a virtual office license is offered.
    Prepare the tenancy agreement based on the selected office type. To acquire a trade license from the DUQE Free Trade Zone, you must fulfill two critical financial requirements: paying the office rent and the business licensing charge.
  5. Issuance of Trade Licenses
    Obtain the trade license without difficulty, then carry out the prescribed business activities. Investors can register a corporate bank account in the UAE once they have obtained their trading permits.
Business Setup Packages
Visa Quota What you will get Amount in AED
0 Visa Trade License
3 Business Activities
Lease Agreement
1 Visa AED14,250
2 Visa AED16,000
3 Visa AED17,750
4 Visa AED19,500
5 Visa AED21,250
6 Visa AED23,000

Our team will manage tasks such as company registration, securing a trade license, finalizing office tenancy agreements, obtaining UAE Residence Visas, and handling additional requirements as needed.

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